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Motorcycle TRAVEL HACKS / GEAR + PARTS for LONG DISTANCE Motorcycle Trip Around the World [KLR 650]

Are you riding from Alaska to Argentina, Buying a motorcycle in Latin America, borrowing a bike in Central Asia, or doing any kind of adventure motorcycle travel and trails? This video is for you. This is my load out gear, parts and apparel when I travel around the world. Each trip is different, I take different parts and gear to each one, but in this example and video tutorial, I prepare to purchase a used KLR 650 with 40,000 miles in Buenos Aires Argentina to ride around South America, so I need to take everything this motorcycle will need to survive and be ready for my journey, and I share my personal experience and expertise from the past and present to help make your trip successful, cost efficient and safe! Camera and Camping Gear Videos aren't published yet, but be sure to subscribe to get them first! If you would like more professional help on your trip around Latin America I provide personal help via my consulting services at Be sure to check out my live, tri-weekely motorcycle adventure Vlogging for which I prepared for in this video that is happening now here and subscribe for videos every other day.

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