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Inspirational, Motivational, Informative and Interactive!


Alex regularly speaks at corporate seminars, charitable events, international film festivals and other events to talk about his Modern Motorcycle Diaries travels and charitable expeditions around the world and his prescence and transition into the digital media space as a Social Media Influencer, Youtube talent, Video Producer, Content Creator and internet SuperStar!


He speaks about how he did it all, and how others can do it, as well its challenges, rewards, triumphs and the extreme/unique nature of this exotic and powerful way to travel the world and share it using online resources and social media. All in a fun, incredible, inspirational and motivational experience and presentation for the audience and public to learn, get motivated and enjoy from, while bringing fresh light and new perspective to charitable causes and global issues.


His story dates back 10 years when he departed on his first trip solo on a dirt bike around 40+ U.S. states and Canada at age 16 to discover himself and the world. He experienced struggles and challenges through adolescence and finding the courage to leave his home, family and friends behind to circumnavigate the globe and become the accomplished world traveler, adventure rider, content creator and social influencer and trend setter he is today.


Alex has a visual library of pictures and videos of some of the most spectacular and engaging places and people on earth! This material makes his presentations captivating and engaging, taking the audience on an epic first person motorcycle adventure around the world as seen through his eyes in HD. He explains about his struggles photographing places never seen before, dealing with politically corrupt officials, his transition into the public eye as a content creator in the 21st century and joining the ranks of some of the top social media influences and digital content creators.



Please use the contact form for more details and to schedule Alex for your event.



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