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Why You Shouldn't Buy a Used Motorcycle for a Trip Around the World

It finally happen, the used KLR 650 I purchased in Buenos Aires had it's first major mechanical problem! Join me as I get stuck in Porto Alegre Brazil another 2 days as my engine decides to stall and stop at stop lights and going down the highway with heavy traffic. These are the tough times you face when you buy a used motorcycle, the risks and the general adventure that is a motorbike trip around the world. Things could be worse as always, but my adventure takes me to meet some incredible people, I make a few friends, and I have a sad and terrible story from the Kawasaki dealership in Porto Alegre Brazil. These videos coming up are completely new formats for my channel and I need your help, the viewer and my wonderful subscribers to help me out, tell me what you like, what you don't like, things you would like to see, things you don't want to see, how I can improve, change, or which formats you really like. I'm here to make your viewing experience the best as possible, so please share your feedback with me.

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I am a Motorcycle Adventure Rider, Videographer, Photographer, Inspirational Speaker, Athlete, Blogger and Vlogger who graduated college, sold all his belonging to travel the world by motorbike. I"m always out somewhere having an adventure and believe that every day is a grand adventure!

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