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My Funky Day in BRAZIL

It's Day 2 in Brazil and I'm officially sick as a dog with and upper respiratory infection, but that's not going to stop be from enjoying my first full day in Brazil. I stay in a funky hotel, get some medicine, drive around the weird town of Rio Grande Brazil, get lost finding the ferry, chat it up with the locals at the gas station, make some friends, and jump on the boat to a remote peninsula with 200 miles of desolate roads. Will I survive? Watch to find out....spoiler alert...yes I do. Find my daily MotoVlog Videos on this adventure in real time here: This is the fourth video of my moto vlogging real-time series as I travel around South America on a KLR 650, my goal is to cross Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.....if that sounds familiar that's because I've already done it 4 years ago, and made an awesome video on my original GoPro HD 2 that went viral, you can see it here: I loved this part of the world so much I had to come back. So I purchased a KLR 650 in Buenos Aires, bought my flight and here I am. The difference now is that I'm older and more wise, I've developed some editing and story telling skills and I have a cool drone and camera equipment that consists of more than just 1 GoPro, although that did a great job before, and I can now share what an epic motorcycle trip around the world is all about in the way I wish I could have done in the past. Round 2! These videos coming up are completely new formats for my channel and I need your help, the viewer and my wonderful subscribers to help me out, tell me what you like, what you don't like, things you would like to see, things you don't want to see, how I can improve, change, or which formats you really like. I'm here to make your viewing experience the best as possible, so please share your feedback with me.

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I am a Motorcycle Adventure Rider, Videographer, Photographer, Inspirational Speaker, Athlete, Blogger and Vlogger who graduated college, sold all his belonging to travel the world by motorbike. I"m always out somewhere having an adventure and believe that every day is a grand adventure!

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