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New Adventure in South America!

This is the first of my moto vlogging real-time series as I travel around South America on a KLR 650, my goal is to cross Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.....if that sounds familiar that's because I've already done it 4 years ago, and made an awesome video on my original GoPro HD 2 that went viral, you can see it here: I loved this part of the world so much I had to come back. The difference now is that I'm older and more wise, I've developed some editing and story telling skills and I have a cool drone and camera equipment that consists of more than just 1 GoPro, although that did a great job before, and I can now share what an epic motorcycle trip around the world is all about in the way I wish I could have done in the past. Round 2!

In today's video I drive around Buenos Aires Argentina, I was in search of a mechanic, parts and some traffic, however I was disappointed to find out later it was a holiday, nothing was open and traffic was non existent. So my outting turned into a complete fail. Today was the first test in audio equipment, techniques, story telling, and more. Find my daily MotoVlog Videos on this adventure in real time here:

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