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Top 10 Youtube Adventure Travel Vloggers

I'm as honored as I am surprised to find myself as one of the top 10 Youtube Travel Vloggers in the world according to Youtube. The list is full of very talented people and missing a few in my opinion. These things are usually subjective, I"m not sure how they chose us. But regardless , it's awesome just to be on the list. However I must say as far a Red Bull is concerned, they are all about action sports, extreme and epic stuff right? I would say I rank up there on the top 2 for that, don't forget who does handstands, flying a drone, while on the edge of a cliff. Not to mentioned all the scuba diving, skydiving, paramotoring and long distance motorcycle riding I"ve done (I've embeded that video for you here)

Anyway, the vote is still out to who's number #1 on their list, you can still vote so be sure to click here, and vote for me if you like my stuff and think I belong higher up on the list!

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