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Traveling the Middle East like a "REAL" Arab on a Royal Enfield

Traveling the Middle East wearing authentic and unique clothes, known as a dishdasha دِشداشَة for the male, and a burqa بُرقع for the female. What could possibly go wrong when two tourists go off on motorcycles for a little stroll around some of the most traditionally religious, protective and culturally minded region in the world? Join me on this creative, unique, crazy, untraditional, and eye catching journey through this amazing part of the world in this groovy and uncommon way! Background Info: I decided to so something a little different by undertaking this trip in this way. I had initially hoped to inspire and empower women in this region and around the world doing this little stunt, to show the diversity and power all women have, even in this region, enough to drive a motorcycle and adventure around the country. Please note that there was nothing illegal or wrong with doing this. However the national police of the "unnamed" country felt otherwise, due to the shock factor and uncommon nature of the situation. We were detained and held against our will without any due process, or explanation for an entire day at the police station being questioned relentlessly. A lot of my footage and cameras were confiscated, so this is what was left. We were finally given the weak excuse of why they stopped, interrogated, confiscated, hacked into our email, they said it was because we were covering our faces, and couldn't tell who we were. Complete non-sense to say the least. I learned that change or enlightenment in some parts of the world is not possible, and that we have it pretty good in other parts of the world in civil liberties and freedoms to some extent. This is the Children's version of what actually happened, if you want to hear the full unfiltered story, be sure to attend one of my presentations in the future!

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I am a Motorcycle Adventure Rider, Videographer, Photographer, Inspirational Speaker, Athlete, Blogger and Vlogger who graduated college, sold all his belonging to travel the world by motorbike. I"m always out somewhere having an adventure and believe that every day is a grand adventure!

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