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Motorcycle Travel Adventure in India/Italy w/ Safety Technology- Multistrada and Pulsar 200

Join my expedition to India and Italy to discover and experience motorcycle safety technology first hand, the local motorcycle culture and driving conditions in each of these two countries in a compilation video of both trips. India- Riding India on a Bajaj Pulsar 200, an unforgettable expedition into heart of India where I'll meet the locals, ride the exotic roads, and experience an intense adventure I'll never forget in the pursuit of a #BetterRide. Milan Italy - on a Ducati Multistrada where I meet fellow motorcycle blogger Nicola Andreetto (Motoreetto), where we discuss the motorcycle culture in Milan, our #FirstRide, and how we have seen motorcycle technology evolve over the years and how it provides a safer, and better ride in our travels, adventures, and daily driving.

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